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Eco-social justice in times of crisis

Debates on environmental and social ethics in the Catholic Church in Bavaria

“We need a conversation that brings us all together, because the challenge of the environmental situation that we are experiencing and its human roots interest and affect us all.” (LS 14) The position papers compiled here by the State Committee of Catholics in Bavaria are intended to be part of this dialogue and call for further participation in the dialogue.

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01/ Global common good - paths to a good life for everyone

The position paper “Global Common Good – Paths to a Good Life for All” deals with the concept of the common good in a global context, based on philosophy and theology. The newly created term “global common good” attempts to summarize the requirements for a society that help the welfare state principles of subsidiarity, solidarity, personality and justice to be effective worldwide.

02/ Don't wait any longer - act!

Based on Pope Francis' encyclical Laudato Si', the State Committee of Catholics in Bavaria promotes European CO2 pricing with social compensation as a building block towards an eco-social market economy in its statement "Don't wait any longer - act!"

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03/ Hope thwarted - "Mosaic tiles" for a fairer world

“Thwarted Hope - Mosaic Tiles for a Fairer World” provides impulses for dealing with responsibility for creation and sustainability and would like to encourage people to take the first step towards a “courageous cultural revolution” in order to help shape church and society - ecologically, socially and fairly.

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